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Dr. Ganni Sandeep



Sandeep Ganni graduated with an MBBS from GSL Medical College in Rajahmundry and moved to Coventry, UK to pursue an MBA in Health Care Management. He graduated with honors with a project investigating "Incorporating Lean Principles in Healthcare Management”.

His interest in combining healthcare management with simulation education and a meeting with Prof. dr. Jakimowicz in 2014 led to him start a PhD at TU Delft, the Netherlands. Concurrently acting as the director of the newly formed GSL Smart Lab, Rajahmundry, India, this state-of-the-art centre has grown to deliver over 600 courses every year in South India. In addition to this, he started Compass Healthcare in 2016 as a pharmaceutical chain with a view to adopting new technology in India. Passionate about education, Sandeep delivered a TEDx talk entitled “Medical Training in the Age of Technology” in September 2019 on training in medical education. At the culmination of this project, he instigated and managed Simulcon India in December 2019: India’s first conference in health care simulation for all healthcare providers with over 1500 delegates. As a result of the success of this conference, Sandeep has helped establish the Society for Healthcare Simulation in India.

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