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Prof. Debra Kiegaldie



Debra Kiegaldie is an intensive care nurse specialist, educational designer & researcher. She has led research translation projects on virtual reality, simulation, interprofessional education, e-learning, falls, delirium, end-of-life-care, medical error and open disclosure and communication skills education. collaborative work extends across all health professions and includes the vocational training sector, higher education and continuing professional development in healthcare. She has been the recipient of Australian and International awards for her research and educational outputs including the Victorian and Australian Industry Collaboration Training Awards (2019); the Association of Medical Educators Europe Teaching Innovation Award, (2016); and Australian Multimedia awards (2001) for her computer-based simulation work. Presently, Clinical Chair for Health Workforce & Simulation at Holmesglen's Institute/Health scope Australia and current President of the Victorian Simulation Alliance, Melbourne, Australia.

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