Showcase of simulation activities at ACU, Australia

On the 7th December 2022, the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) ran its 12th Simulation Health Education Showcase. The Simulation Showcase is built on the philosophy of collaboration, which is why for the last 12 years, it has been delivered in partnership with the Australian and New Zealand Laerdal Medical team and offered free to all attendees. The theme this year was Innovation and inclusion for continuing learner centred simulation which was reflected by the attendee representation from nine health disciplines, from both industry and academia. 

Prof. Michelle Kelly led the way, discussing the use of AV simulations in assessing pain within culturally diverse patients. Occupational therapist Jessica Rafanelli shared a small project using SimCapture that had a big impact on student learning during their simulated placement.

The 12 presentations within the concurrent sessions showed innovative ways that simulation was used and how simulation activities were adapted during the pandemic. The expert panel session was a highlight for many. Bringing together industry and the tertiary sector to discuss: Simulation Evolution or Adaptation – impact of a pandemic on simulation design and delivery. Panel members: Michelle Kelly (University of South Australia), Monica Peddle (Deakin University), Bradley Chesham (Bundle of Rays), Daniel Chalkley (ACU), and Mark Rosenthal (Laerdal Medical). 

The day was rounded off by concurrent workshops on using data to inform your simulations, and the importance of psychological safety for establishing an optimal learning environment.

The 2023 ACU Simulation Showcase will be held on the 6th December in Brisbane, Queensland.

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