International Journal of Healthcare Simulation Announces Introduction of Article Processing Charges (APCs)

The International Journal of Healthcare Simulation (IJoHS) will be introducing Article Processing Charges (APCs) starting 1st April 2024. This decision, made carefully after extensive consideration and consultation with stakeholders, ensures the journal's long-term sustainability and continued commitment to open access publishing.

Under the new policy, authors of accepted articles will pay the APC prior to publication. This allows for immediate and unrestricted online access to their research, maximizing its impact and reach within the global healthcare simulation community.

"We understand the importance of open access in fostering knowledge sharing and advancing the field of healthcare simulation," stated Debra Nestel, Editor-in-Chief of IJoHS. "Implementing APCs allows us to maintain the high editorial standards and rigorous peer review process that IJoHS is known for, while ensuring the journal's financial stability and commitment to open access."

Key features of the IJoHS APC policy:
Transparent and fair pricing: The APC fee is set at £1,450.
Commitment to affordability: IJoHS recognizes the financial constraints faced by researchers and offers a waiver program for authors from low- and middle-income countries and as well as to members of  the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (up to an agreed annual limit).
Focus on quality: The APC funds will be used to support the journal's open access operations, including peer review management, editorial services, technical infrastructure, and archiving.

The IJoHS APC policy aligns with the growing trend of open access publishing in academic journals. By implementing this model we aim to:

Increase the visibility and accessibility of research findings in healthcare simulation.
Foster global collaboration and knowledge exchange within the field.
Ensure the long-term sustainability of the journal and its commitment to high-quality scholarship.

Authors can learn more about the APC policy, including detailed fee information, waiver criteria, and submission instructions, on the IJoHS website.