First Medical Education Conference in Jeddah

Photo of conference attendees.

The King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital organised the first Medical Education: Transformation & Innovation Conference. Held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the conference attracted delegates from across the Kingdom.

Distinguished speakers included Prof David Cook (Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, US) who spoke on validity arguments for learner assessments and the under-reported but critical role of measuring cost-effectiveness of continuing professional development.

Prof Henk Schmidt (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands) offered fascinating insights into how students learn and a history of problem-based learning. The latter was framed as an example of an innovation in medical education with seemingly global uptake with Dr Sofana Al Mashhadi (Saudi National Institute of Health, KSA) providing a lens through which we could analyse its implementation.

Dr Mary Collins (RCSI Graduate School of Healthcare Management, Republic of Ireland) spoke on a range of topics related to leadership, touching on resilience and emotional intelligence.

Prof. Dina El-Metwally (University of Maryland School of Medicine, US) shared experiences of pandemic work, reminding delegates of the importance of self-care.

Prof Debra Nestel (IJoHS, Editor in Chief, Monash University & University of Melbourne, Australia) spoke on theories that inform educational practice and on the role of psychological safety in clinical and simulated settings to optimise learning.

Invited speakers offered workshop activities on the topics on which they spoke. The hospital-based simulation centre at King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital is an excellent venue to facilitate the uptake of their simulation faculty development program.