Aloha SimHuddle!

Collaborate, Connect & Chat—three powerful words chosen by the conference organising committee to
encapsulate and establish the tone for the inaugural Transpacific Simulation Alliance Event. Convened by the
California Simulation Alliance, the Hawai'i State Simulation Collaborative, and the Victorian Simulation
Alliance, this boutique conference was held against the magnificent backdrop of Waikiki, Hawai’i, 17-20
October 2023.

Opening with the breathtakingly beautiful Oli (Hawaiian chant) by Nalani Minton, SimHuddle was a coming
together of ideas, inspirations, and innovations in health with healthcare simulation educators attending from
Hawaii, California, Michigan, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The warm atmosphere (and weather) at SimHuddle was paired with insightful conversation, evidenced also by
the exceptional keynotes from Adam Cheng, Susan Eller, and Stephanie O’Regan. Being a huge fan of the
PEARLS Healthcare Debriefing Tool, and a paediatric intensive care nurse, I found Adam Cheng’s keynote on
maximising the impact of Simulation-based research both engaging and informative.

Optional pre-conference workshops addressing directed observer roles, navigating the research journey,
psychological safety in debriefing and integrating simulated participant methodology into simulation programs
were run by internationally recognised speakers.

One of the stand-out features of SimHuddle for me was the additional research writing retreat led by Debra
Nestel, Gabriel Reedy, and Nicole Harder, all Editors-In-Chief of international simulation journals. The retreat
consisted of 12 hours dedicated to healthcare simulation research with follow-up sessions scheduled for the
coming months. As an aspiring PhD student, the writing retreat provided an opportunity to develop my
academic writing skills in an environment of mentorship and peer support. Thank you Debra Nestel for this
wonderful initiative!

Unique to the Transpacific Simulation Alliance Conference was four opportunities to connect with your
allocated ‘huddle’. These intimate sessions provided an opportunity to explore challenges and solutions for
simulation programs, collaborate, share best practice, network, and meet new colleagues.

We were encouraged in the opening remarks to gather and share our Naau—our hearts—with each other,
ensuring intelligence is brought together to make decisions with the greatest impact and blessings for all. I
journeyed back to Australia with a sense of belonging to a wonderful international simulation community of
practice, and also with abundant opportunities, invaluable learnings, fresh ideas, and genuine connections
with new colleagues interested in collaborative research.

The inaugural Transpacific Simulation Alliance SimHuddle was a friendly, welcoming, feel-good conference. An
exceptional event where innovation thrived and passions were shared, a testament to the power of
collaboration, learning and innovation in shaping the future of healthcare.

Mahalu SimHuddle, thank you. A hui hou—until we meet again.

Melissa Ciardulli

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